Call for papers
The Third Perl Conference in Israel
Organized by the
Israeli Perl Mongers


Following the fine tradition set by the previous two Perl Conferences in Israel, YAPC::Israel::2003 and YAPC::Israel::2004, the Israeli Perl Mongers are proud to announce the "Yet Another Perl Conference in Israel, 2005" - YAPC::Israel::2005.

Call for Participation

The Perl programming language is widely used by thousands of practitioners for various purposes in the Israeli hi-tech industry, in research institutes and in many other places. Perl is a language optimized for scanning arbitrary text files, extracting information from those text files, and printing reports based on that information. It's also a good language for many system management tasks. The language is intended to be practical (easy to use, efficient, complete) rather than beautiful (tiny, elegant, minimal). This extremely practical and flexible programming language has grown to be more than yet another tool to get the job done - it has become a practice which encourages large communities of users to group together for mutual help in Perl related topics and for fun. The Israeli Perl mongers are a good example for such a community.
It is the aim of this conference to bring together practitioners, scholars, students, programmers, researchers and managers from different areas to discuss their views on various aspects of the Perl programming language, to share knowledge and to have fun while doing so.
We therefore invite contributions from all fields on topics related to Perl. The YAPC::Israel::2005 organizing committee invites proposals for foundational, introductory, and advanced lectures, presentations and lightning talks on a wide range of topics in the following (but not limited to) fields:

	Database Connectivity
	Embedding Perl
	Extending Perl
	Functional Programming
	Interoperability (CORBA, .NET, etc.)
	Network Programming
	Object Oriented Programming
	Perl 6
	Perl Success Stories
	Regular Expressions
	Server Programming
	System Administration
	Tips and Tricks
	Web Programming

Conference Structure

This one day conference will include lectures (ranging in length from 5 to 90 minutes) and tutorials (up to 3 hours long).
Types of lectures:

  • Foundational lectures require no knowledge or very basic knowledge of Perl, and should be used for teaching Perl.
  • Introductory lectures assume reasonable knowledge of Perl and should be aimed at the average Perl user.
  • Advanced lectures assume good knowledge of Perl and/or good knowledge in the specific topic under discussion. They should be aimed at people who are fluent with Perl and want to learn something advanced (e.g. perl guts).

Tutorials should be longer and more in-depth than ordinary lectures, regardless of the level (foundational, introductory or advanced).

Location and Time

The conference date has been set to February 17, 2005.
The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya has kindly agreed to host the conference. For directions (in Hebrew) on how to get to the center and a map, see the center's directions page.

Call for Sponsorship

YAPC::Israel::2005 is still in need of sponsors for the conference and satellite activities. The direct contact for sponsorship is Gabor Szabo:

Organizing Committee

Gabor Szabo   <>         054-4624648
Shlomo Yona   <>
Offer Kaye    <>






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