If you are considering sponsoring the YAPC::Israel::2005 event please contact Gabor Szabo at PTI

YAPC is a grass root Perl conference that takes place once a year in North America and Europe. The association of the Israeli Perl Users have taken upon itself the task to organize similar conferences in Israel once a year.

In May 2003 we held our first conference with about 100 participants. In February 2004 we held our second conference with also about 100 participants. They were both one-day events. We had several sponsors, you can see the list of sponsors of YAPC:::2003 and sponsors of YAPC:::2004. Their sponsorship included books, subscriptions to online services, software licenses, broadband Internet access to give away and cash to cover some of the expenses.

In 2005 we are going to have a one-day event again on 17th Februray 2004. We are expecting between 100-120 participants, mostly from Israel.

The credit we give to our sponsors:

  • We mention the sponsors on our perl mailing list when they agree to give sponsorship and again later in our further communication.
  • We mention them in e-mails sent to conference registrants several times before and after the conference.
  • We display the logo they supply with a few words about what do they do on our web site
  • We put the logo they supply on the first internal page of the printed proceedings of the conference that we hand out to the participants.
  • Each sponsor will be mentioned individually at the opening and the final assembly thanks while their logo will be displayed on the overhead projector.
  • Sponsors may drop a little something in the Conference Bag, some marketing material or better yet something that people might find useful.
  • The sponsors will be mentioned in all our communication to journalist.
What we don't give in any case: (and we had to reject some sponsors last year because their insisting on some of these)
  • Information about individual participants. (though we might say that there are people from X, Y or Z organization but no names or e-mails)
  • Presentation time will be given strictly based on technical content and not because some company is sponsoring us.
  • Place to put large posters of your company.
What are we expecting from the sponsors:
  • We need cash ($500-$1000 / sponsor) to spend on all kinds of expenses we have. (if you want we will display the amount you gave next to your name or we can keep it confidential. It is up to you.)
  • You can finance some of our expenses directly. (E.g. you can print all our proceedings yourself as Mercury did in 2003.) (see examples for such items at the list of our sponsors)
Where does the money go ? Who handles it ?

The finances are handled by Perl Training Israel (PTI). It will give invoice to the sponsors.

In case the expenses were higher than the total income PTI will cover the difference.

This is a non-profit conference. If there is extra money left at the end of the conference we'll either keep it for the next YAPC::Israel conference or give it to The Perl Foundation.

Both in 2003 and in 2004 our income and expenses were in balance.

Who to contact ?

If you are considering sponsoring the YAPC::Israel::2005 event or have any question regarding it, please contact Gabor Szabo at PTI






Please send comments, questions etc. to yapc-organizers@perl.org.il