<% myheader("Sponsors") %> <% mysidebar() %> YAPC is a low budget conference, we try to keep both our expenses and the fee we charge as low as possible. Still we do have expenses, hence we are looking for sponsors to finance the following items and other general expenses. Some notes for the potential sponsors.

At this early stage we are expecting around 200-250 participants and we plan to charge 250 NIS per person. This will cover some of our expenses but we would like to reduce this fee. We are listing here some of the items that need to be sponsored.

What ?Who sponsors/provides it ?
Printed copy of the proceedingsMercury Interactive 

The lecture rooms
Local organization
Caesarea Rothschild Institute (CRI)
Cash + presents:
- 3 accounts for half a year of 750K/96K
- 3 accounts for half a year of 256K/64K
(The free accounts can be used either on ADSL or Cable but they do NOT include payment to those suppliers, so you will still have to pay to Bezeq or the Cable company)
- discount on some of the Internet account specially for the paricipants of our conference. (Details will be given on the conference)
- 5 coupons for ASPN Perl 1-year subscriptiont that includes Perl Dev Kit, Komodo, Visual Perl, and Safari Bookshelf. Value is $495 US per bundle.

- 50 coupons to save $50 on PerlASPX that incudes the book of Yevgeny Menaker.

10 books:
- The Career Programmer: Guerialla Tactics
- Herding Cats
- User Interface Design for Programmers
- Developing Trust
- Software Development on a Leash
- Writing Perl modules for CPAN
- The qmail Handbook
- Data Mining and Statistical Analysis with SQL
- SVG Programming: The Graphical Web
5-5 copies of the following books:
- Core Perl
- Programming Perl in the .NET Environment
Pearson Education
Organization Perl Training Israel (Gabor Szabo)

Interested parties please read the information about sponsorship and contact Gabor Szabo by e-mail or by phone. <% myfooter() %>