BOF stands for Birds of Feather (flock together).
We would like to create a meeting place for people with similar interest within our Perl community. We also would like to end our conference with a social event where people can discuss what did they think of the various presentations or just chat to know each other better. Last year this was a very successfull dinner mainly for the speakers of the conference. This year, we would like to make it an event open for everyone.

After the closing speech at around 19:00 we'll go to some restaurant or pub or if we don't have a better idea then to the local eating place of IDC and just communicate.

If you would like to participate (it is free, you pay what you eat) then please add your name to the Wiki under the appropriate title.

After the conference we are going to organise BOFs - Birds Of Feather flock together - (see explanation in the glossary) They will start approximately at 19:00

  • Significant others: Convince your spouse that even if s/he does not attend the conference s/he should come in the evening to have dinner with the rest of us.






Please send comments, questions etc. to