Perl Success Story: Generic Engine for Conversion

Title: Perl Success Story: Generic Engine for Conversion
Person: Motke Keshet
Length: 60
Language: Hebrew
When your Great Application succeeds in supplementing an older application there is always the problem of transforming the Customers's DB into your 
New Format, aka Conversion or Data Migration.
Usually - for each project, for each table it is necessary to write a conversion program - meaning lots of (usually mechanical) work for programmers.
The Generic Engine enables non-programmers to write 'definition files' that define how each output field should be built, so that system analysts - who know the business but cannot program - can 'skip' the phase of explaining to the programmer what should be done, and do it themselves.
The presentation is in two levels:
1) Functionality (how the user sees the system)
2) Highlights of Perl code, showing how easy it is to  do things in Perl. among other things:
the power of dynamic hash structures
use of anonymous functions
In short: how the combination of many of Pel goodies allow to build a generic application.






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