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1st Perl conference in Israel

Date:Sunday May 11th 2003
Place:Haifa University
Price:150 NIS.


After the conference Mark Jason Dominus will teach 3 Perl classe. details

Date and Location change !

Please note that we changed both the location and the date of the conference. It will be on 11th of May 2003 (one day earlier than planned originally) and it will be in Haifa in Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation Institute for Interdisciplinary Applications of Computer Science (C.R.I.) (instead of Rehovot). We are still going to talk about Perl.

Our special guest will be Mark Jason Dominus. Mark will give a presentation that he is planning to give on this years TPC as well. In addition, after the conference MJD will give 3 one-day classes.

What is YAPC?

YAPC is "yet another Perl conference", with apologies to The Perl Conference. This is an inexpensive conference with its roots in the Perl Mongers users groups. The Israeli event is organized by the Israeli Perl Mongers.

Thanks to our sponsors we could reduce the cost. It is now 150 NIS and if you pay before the 15th of April you can enjoy the early bird discount and pay only 90 NIS.

Other and previous YAPC events

The first YAPC::Israel in 2003 will be a one day event. It will be held on May 11, 2003 (Sunday) in Caesarea Rothschild Institute at the University of Haifa

The presentations will be either in English or in Hebrew based on the preference of the speaker. Next to each presentation we'll list the language too.

Registration is open to the public. The number of places is limited so please register ASAP.

The Conference is Hosted by Caesarea Rothschild Institute at the University of Haifa. There are various other sponsors of the event.

It is organized by the Israel.pm User Group. <% myfooter() %>