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Future Meetings

About Our Meetings

Apart from the mailing list, the main avenue for Israel Perl Mongers for the exchange of information and ideas are the monthly meetings.
Since June 2002 we have held regular monthly meetings, usually on the first Thursday of the month. During these meetings we meet, socialize for a while, then we have around 2 presentations about topics that interest us and finally we go to a nearby local cafe/pub to talk some more (and drink beer ;-).
The level of the presentations varies a lot - from presentations fit for people who have used been using Perl for only 2 months, to advanced material suitable for experienced programmers.
The level of the speakers also varies - for some of them this is the first time they give any kind of presentation, others are experienced trainers. All speakers are volunteers who have agreed to share their knowledge and passion with their fellow Perl Mongers.
Lectures can last from 5 minutes ("lightning talks") to 90 minute long talks, and can be a simple "lecture style" presentation, or one with lots of interaction from the audience.
In addition to the presentations and the ability to meet and talk face to face with other Perl users.
Meetings are announced on our mailing lists.

Note: See the site for information about their meetings.

Past Meetings

Following is a list of past meeting archives, from oldest to last. Click each meeting date to go to that particular meeting's page.

2002 Meetings

2003 Meetings

2004 Meetings

2005 Meetings

2006 Meetings

2007 Meetings

2008 Meetings

2010 Meetings