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Book Information

  • Title: Computer Science and Perl Programming: Best of TPJ
  • ISBN: 0596003102
  • Author/Editor: Jon Orwant
  • Publisher: O'Reilly
  • Publishing date: November 2002
  • Pages: 758
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Book Reviews

Review by Shlomi Fish, April 2003

This is an all around nice book, that contains a selcted number of articles from the Perl Journal among severall categories. Most of the articles I read made a very nice read.
The first articles covered beginner concepts. They did not renew too much to me, but I suppose they were well written. The next part was about Regular Expressions and they were very nice and enlightening. The third part covered various computer science issues, and was also very well written and sometimes instructive, or just a good read.
I was not very consistent in reading the other parts, that covered "Programming Techniques", "Software Development", "Networking", "Databases" and "Internals". Most of what I read there (from what I was interested in) was usually OK, and could provide a nice introduction to the topic or technology it covers.
All in all, a very good read, and I believe everyone would find something interesting here.