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Perl vs. perl

The following discussion is an expansion on a question and answer which can be found in the perlfaq1 page of Perl's documentation, namely:
What's the difference between "perl" and "Perl"?
Sometimes you'll see "Perl" written, with a capital P, sometimes "perl", sometimes even PERL.
Confused? Not to worry, to the rescue :-)
The rules are actually quite simple:

There's a famous saying, attributed to Tom Christiansen, which says that Only perl can parse Perl
We'll leave you now to ponder these words of wisdom...

Learning Perl

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Material of the Talks

Larry Wall's "Present Continuous - Future Perfect" Talk Material

The transcript and other material from Larry Wall's "Present Continuous - Future Perfect" talk (that was given at OSDC::Isreal::2006) is now available. Currently available are the slides, an mp3 file containing the recording of the talk, and a transcript made by various volunteers.

CPAN Mirrors

The following is a list of CPAN Israeli mirrors:

Perl Projects in Israel

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Who Uses Perl

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LinkedIn Group for the Israeli Perl Mongers

LinkedIn is an on-line service that enables people who do not know each other but have a common friend to find each-other and get in touch. The system is very business oriented meaning mainly business contacts and employment contacts are encouraged.

As several members of the Israeli Perl Mongers have already used the service and interconnected among themself it seems logical to setup a group on LinkedIn. This group will enable even more people to register and to share the network of each other even among members who do not personally know each other.

We belive that by enableing further networking among our members we'll be able to help potential employers to find better Perl programmers and for our members to find better job opportunities. We also belive that having such a group might have some positive impact on the acceptance of Perl in the Israeli hi-tech world.

As this is a members only group, it requires both the registration of the user and the approval of the group administrator to join. In order to use the system you'll have to first join LinkedIn and request to join the Israeli Perl Mongers group. Then in order to get approved please send an e-mail to Gabor Szabo as he needs to evaluate every membership request. Once you are a member you'll be able to network with all the other members in the group and their contacts.

Linked In