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Perl Related Jobs in Israel

Every once in a while, someone posts a Perl related job (in Israel) to The following list is intended to help people find these job offerings even after some time has passed, as well as to give people an idea of which companies are (or were) looking for Perl programmers and what kind of jobs are offered, all in one central place. The list of the last 10 job postings to the list (from newest to oldest):

  1. Seeking Sr. developer for free software technologies
  2. Zlango
  3. ECI Petach-Tikva
  4. Checkpoint
  5. ABC (Yoram Shitrit) Ltd.
  6. Freelance gig at Log-On Software
  7. Bezeq
  8. Radware
  9. Company in the fuel automation market
  10. EWAVE

Commercial Support

The following companies provide commerical Perl support in Israel:

Who Uses Perl

There's a great myth out there that no one uses Perl. This is because Perl tends to be a great stealth tool, being used in organisations where it's needed with or without official approval. The truth is that there are a lot of companies where Perl is used starting from small tasks to mission critical applications. People in Perl Training Australia have put together a nice explanation with the title Why Perl? They also include a list of Australian comapanies using Perl.

As a partial response to the "Perl obscurity problem", we've composed the following list of Israeli companies where Perl is being used. This way, if you are using Perl or considering using Perl, you'll know that you are in good company :-)
In the following list, each company name is followed by a (very) short description of where they use Perl. We don't guarantee that the details are exact.

If you'd like to add more companies to the list, please contact the webmaster.