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Book Information

  • Title: Using Samba
  • ISBN: 1565924495
  • Author/Editor: Robert Eckstain, David Collier-Brown, Peter Kelly
  • Publisher: O'Reilly
  • Publishing date: 2000
  • Pages: 416
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Book Reviews

Review by Jaime Prilusky, November 2002

"Using Samba" can be seen as THE fundamental book for Samba administrators. It covers the download, installation and configuration of the server. You will find instructions for Windows 95/98, NT and Linux. It goes on a step by step trip over disks shares, users securities and printer sharing.
From my point of view, the 40 or so pages dedicated to troubleshooting are worth the whole book.
Installing and configuring Samba has become a somehow simple task, specially considering high level administrative interfaces like SWAT or Webmin. However, when it comes the time for troubleshooting, most of the times, you are alone. "Using Samba" gives you the right support for this difficult task, with a simple and complete step-by-step guide for finding the source of the problem and ideas for solving it.

Though the book is starting to show its age (Windows XP is missing), it remains a useful guide for those looking to learn about resource sharing with Samba.
Even when you can download an HTML version of the book from, it is still worth to buy the book.
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