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On 18 March, 2002, the Israeli Perl Mongers held their regular monthly meeting. The program:



Some of the Perl Mongers sites have all kinds of people who can write nice articles about what happened on the meeting, we are not among them.

Anyway a total of 6 people showed up on the first Perl Mongers meeting in This a bit less than what I expected and less than the number of people who have confirmed :-( they'll come and even one less than the number of the dwarfs. There was no Snow-white either.

So we were sitting at a table and we had peer-to-peer (*) conversation about Perl issues, Linux and Open Source in general. We talked about Richard Stallman, Perl Whirl, what each one of us is doing, how to find duplicates in code using DNA analysis, who can write a compiler that creates Perl script from another language, etc.
We talked a bit about Israeli companies that are already using Perl as an "official" programming language and that there seem to be a growing need for Perl in Israel. Now we only need to increase that need and raise awareness of Perl.

We agreed (I think :-) that we should meet again and organize some lecture(s) for the next meeting. We need to promote Perl (anyone knows a PR company that would be interested doing it for the fun ?) and we should make a list of companies supporting Perl in Israel (here is the start of it). The next day I noticed that the number of registrations on the mailing list has increased more that the number of participants of the meeting. That's good.

The food was quite expensive, another reason to find another place where we can have some cheaper solution.

Next meeting will take place... see announcements later.

(*) One peer was talking and other peer(s) were listening :-)

This meeting summary was written by Gabor Szabo.