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On 11 July, 2002, the Israeli Perl Mongers held their regular monthly meeting. The program:



I am writing this nearly two month after the meeting took place as I was very busy after the meeting and went to a holiday in most of August. Actually during the holiday I was active organizing the first Perl meeting in Budapest.

As you might have read in the mailing list, since the last meeting Ariel Brosh has suddenly passed away. I knew him from the first perl meeting and he also participated in this one on July 11 where he explained things about the HTML::Merge package in what he was very deeply involved. He was one of the most active Perl developers in Israel. See the projects page for his projects.

Now back to the meeting as much as I can remember. Actually I'd be glad if other participants also wrote about the meetings and it would not be depending only on my schedule.

Before the 'official talk' among other things we mentioned fun ways to frighten C programmers with statements like

$a++ unless $a>3;

I asked about a possibility to compare solutions in various languages. Shlomi (I think it was him) pointed me to The Great Computer Language Shootout where some 30 programming languages are being compared. It is interesting but I am thinking about something different more for educational purposes. I think about a site where you can find programming problems at various levels solved in a number of languages with an explanation about the solution and the language. For certain languages there might be more than one solution but it is not a requirement. Speed would not be important. It would be a sort of multilingual Cookbook. There is another site that is a bit similar to what I am looking for: FAQTS

Roi from RAZ Information Systems talked about HTML::Merge - the open source scripting tool they have developed.

On Source forge they give the following description:
Merge is a Perl/HTML/SQL embedded scripting tool, user extendable, that works by compiling your pages to pure Perl. (HTML::Merge)

This meeting summary was written by Gabor Szabo.