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On 14 August, 2003, the Israeli Perl Mongers held their regular monthly meeting. The program:



  1. Itzik Lerner
  2. Kfir Lavy
  3. Mikhael Goikhman
  4. Oded Reznik
  5. Pinhas Nisanov
  6. Ran Eilam
  7. Ronen Kfir
  8. Shlomi Fish
  9. Thomas Maier

We met at Dapey Zahav at around 18:00. At the beginning there was only Ran Eilam, Mikhael Goikhman and I. After a while Ronen Kfir came and afterwards other people. We talked outside on various subjects including holding a persistent connection on HTTP/1.1, Subversion and Freecell.

There were some problems in getting the laptop to do demonstrations. While the web worked fine, we could not get SSH and Telnet to work (apparently, the ports were blocked by the firewall). Eventually, Itzik Lerner brought a laptop of his own, which had perl installed on it, which solved our problems.

I started with a lecture about finding the Graham Function. It involved some concepts from Number Theory and Linear Algebra, so I don't know how much people understood. But I think it went pretty well. Some interesting issues were left to be investigated, like what is the length of the maimal Graham series.

Then, Ran Eilam came and gave us a longish lecture about a project he did for Dapey Zahav to analyze the results that were retrieved by the searches. It covered several distinct aspects of the project, and he talked about testing and good coding style extensively. We saw an instance of a relatively funky code (a chained data structure access with some ||=), which I'll let him paste here.

Afterwards, Itzik Lerner took the stage, and talked about his experiences in YAPC::EU::2003. It was a fun talk, and he brought many interesting and funny anecdotes.

This meeting summary was written by Shlomi Fish.