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On 11 September, 2003, the Israeli Perl Mongers held their regular monthly meeting. The program:



  1. Amos Shapira
  2. Avraham Bernstein
  3. Gabor Szabo
  4. Herve Guez
  5. Itzik Lerner
  6. Kfir Lavi
  7. Mikhael Goikhman
  8. Oded Resnik
  9. Offer Kaye
  10. Pinchas Nissanov
  11. Ran Eilam
  12. Ran Teno
  13. Shaul Karl
  14. Shlomi Fish
  15. Thomas Mayer
  16. Uri Itzkowits
  17. Zachary Kessin

Around 18:50 I suggested that everyone would introduce himself which wasn't a brilliant idea at this time, although we learned how we'll be able to break in the Government offices and other similar important tasks. The problem was only that it took 40 minutes to go over all the people. At that time it did not seem to be a problem as we knew that we only have presentation for 20+40 minutes so we'll have plenty of time left for Avraham to talk about Tcl.

Then came Mikhael and started to talk about threads. This was very interesting. Most of the people did not know anything about threads or would not admit it if they knew. After some 2 slides Mikhael established the ultimate message: thread are just like processes. You can do everything with processes that you would with threads and vice versa, they are nearly the same, except that they are totally different.
Though because of his presentation I think I'll be able to use threads but I think Mikhael should have done a shorter introduction now and then give a longer, deeper presentation some times later.
In the end Mikhael talked more than an hour.

After a short break I took the stage and talked about Tcl. In general it seems to be a language with a very simple syntax with some very strange relation to spaces that can be hard to get used to for a Perl programmer. I hope I made it also clear that while we think Perl is the best language in the world (tm) there are areas where Tcl fits better. It seems that I also talked too much, unfortunately I did not look at the clock and by the time I finished my presentation it was already 21:45 when we had to leave the place.

I am really sorry that I did not organize the meeting better and did not give enough stage for Avraham to show us how an expert Tcl programmer sees the world. I hope we'll be able to arrange another meeting where we'll start with Avraham.

This meeting summary was written by Gabor Szabo.