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On 03 February, 2005, the Israeli Perl Mongers held their regular monthly meeting. The program:

Location: Ramat Gan


  1. Liraz Siri
  2. Gabor Szabo
  3. Offer Kaye
  4. Uri Bruck
  5. Shlomi Fish
  6. Oded Reznik
  7. Mishael Golan
  8. Ili Fishman
  9. Poldi Kula
  10. Yehuda Zadik
  11. David Istermann
  12. Arik Manor
  13. Adam Morrison
  14. Yuval Yaari
  15. Gaal Yahas
  16. Yuly Stremovsky
  17. Pinchas Nisanov
  18. Ran Eilam
  19. Daniel Lamberger
  20. Thomas Maier
  21. Jason Friedman
  22. Yishai Weiss
  23. Shlomo Yona
  24. Mikhael Goikhman

The Feb. 2005 meeting got off to what I thought was a great start, with several new people showing up - I hope they enjoyed their first meeting and that they'll be back for more :)
By the time the first lecture was to begin, we had nearly 20 people in the room (several late comers showed up after 19:00), however one important person had not yet showed up - Liraz was running late due to transportation problems. So Gabor got a chance to show us his brand-new module and website, CPAN::Forum. The site,, provides a central place to discuss matters relating to CPAN modules. each module has its own forum, including links to the page and related pages. In fact, each module page on now has a link directly to its forum page on, which is very handy. The idea behind CPAN::Forum is that instead of having to register to a seperate mailing list for each module one is interested in (i.e. wants to discuss), you now need to register to only one site. Gabor didn't get a chance to actually show code, since at about 19:15 Liraz showed up and Gabor relinquished the floor to him.

Liraz is a long-time Perl programmer who recently discovered the joys of Python and has decided to try to convert other Perl programmers to the use of Python. Leaving my personal opinion about Python aside, Liraz gave a nice review of why he thinks Python is a better language, some features of Python, things it has in common with Perl and things that make it special and finally why we should all start programming in Python. Right from the start, it was obvious that the members of were not about to agree to his arguments without some heavy convincing, as Liraz was constantly interrupted with questions and arguments. In spite of this, Liraz managed to finish his talk and we even had some time at the end for a short Q&A.

Although it was not planned, Yuli asked to talk for about 10 minutes about a service he was promoting called BannerShift, a text-ad banner exchange service. This doesn't really have anything to do with Perl, except for the fact that many Perl programmers are also webmasters...

The technical part of the meeting wrapped-up around 21:45, and around 10 of us continued to a new place called "The Sil-Bar", across the street from Dapey Zahav. The atmosphere was nice, the drinks okay and so was the food, and the conversation was interesting. In short, we all had a lot of good time :-)

Thanks and see you next time!

This meeting summary was written by your ever cheerful PR person - Offer Kaye.