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On 19 May, 2005, the Israeli Perl Mongers held their regular monthly meeting. The program:

Location: Tel-Aviv University


  1. Arik Manor
  2. Gabor Szabo
  3. Ili Fishman
  4. Kfir Lavi
  5. Mikhael Goikhman
  6. Oded Reznik
  7. Offer Kaye
  8. Roman Parparov
  9. Sagiv barhoom
  10. Shlomi Fish
  11. Thomas Maier
  12. Uri Bruck
  13. Zohar Kelrich

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Roman Parparov for the great work he did in arranging a room for to meet in. This meeting could not have taken place without his efforts.

The first meeting in several months got off to a fine start, as several people showed up early. There was a little crisis with the plastic cups (the crisis being that I forgot to bring some with me :-)) but Roman rose to the challenge yet again and proved that nothing will stop a determined Perl Monger :) So we had cups in which to drink, tasty bourekas, and all was good.

The first lecture, by Gabor Szabo, was actually part lecture about the site and part code review. Gabor began with some motivation about why a code review is a good thing (no need to convince the audience, they were sold) followed by a quick review of the templating system we chose for the site, HTML::Template. Gabor continued (in spite of frequent interruptions by the audience, including me - I couldn't help it :-)) with a review of the scripts used to build the site. This is where things got interesting, as several people made very good and pertinant suggestions about the code, which Gabot promptly added to the TODO file. Hopefully some of those suggestions will actually get implemented :-). I thought the code review was a great success, in spite of being too short in time - the relative beginners in the crowd got to see working Perl code and hear it reviewed, analyzed and disected; the more experienced mongers got to help advance the site by making suggestions that if implemented will certainly help; and I and Gabor got a lot to do :-)

The second lecture was by Uri Bruck, the title was " Perl to Queen's Level 3". Something of the code review spirit of the first session must have leaked over to Uri's lecture, because Uri was frequently interrupted with comments and questions about his code. Part of the reason I guess was that Uri used OO code, and OO is always a controversial subject, both in regards to when to use it and how to use it. In any case, I thought the lecture itself was very interesting and especially liked all the pictures Uri showed of chess variant examples - some very nice boards :-).

After the technical meeting part, most of us continued to a "Coffee-to-go" place nearby (near gate #2 of TAU I think) and continued to chat and socialize. As usual this was fun and I enjoyed both the company and the beer :-)

That's all for now, see you all next time.

This meeting summary was written by your ever cheerful PR person - Offer Kaye.