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On 30 June, 2005, the Israeli Perl Mongers held their regular monthly meeting. The program:

Location: Tel-Aviv University


  1. Arik Manor
  2. Gabor Szabo
  3. Ido Perelmutter
  4. Jason Friedman
  5. Oded Porat
  6. Offer Kaye
  7. Pinkhas Nisanov
  8. Roman Parparov
  9. Shlomi Fish
  10. Stas Bekman
  11. Thomas Maier
  12. Uri Bruck
  13. Yishay Weiss

First of all, the slides and handouts from the lecture are available here. Download and enjoy.

Stas and I arrived just after the beginning of the assembly, so most people had already arrived by the time we got there. Luckily for us there were not too many, so there were many bourekas left over... :)

Stas began by explaining that he usualy requires 5-6 hours to cover the entire tutorial, so since we only had about 2 hours there was only time to skim over the top. So we decided to go over the HTTP protocol handler, filters and if time permitted some of the other protocol handlers.

Stas began with a short overview of installing mod_perl (you need Apache2 installed). Pinkhas asked about the benefits of static compilation, Stas said there weren't any. I asked about adding a PREFIX argument to the "perl" stage, Stas said there was no problem with that.

The lecture continued with a quick overview of some of the new features in mod_perl2 compared to mod_perl. Basically the real power of mod_perl2 is the access to Apache's API - over 400 functions are accessible using mod_perl2.

There was a lot more to the lecture, more than I can remember now, but all of it was very interesting and informative. Also during a 10 minute break we had Stas showed some pictures he took while he was in Honolulu, those were simply amazing :)

After the technical meeting most of us continued to the nearby coffee-shop where we drank beer and talked some more about mod_perl, Perl in general and other stuff. It was fun and tasty, and I'm looking forward to the next meeting... See you all there! :)

This meeting summary was written by your ever cheerful PR person - Offer Kaye.