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On 04 January, 2007, the Israeli Perl Mongers held their regular monthly meeting. The program:

Location: F5 Networks' offices at Ramat HaXayal in 24 HaBarzel St., Tel Aviv


  1. Shlomi Fish
  2. Shmuel Fomberg
  3. Uri Bruck
  4. Doron Hbram
  5. Gabor Szabo
  6. Oren Izmirli
  7. Ran Eilam
  8. Thomas Mayer
  9. Micha Nasriachi
  10. Yuval Yaari
  11. Ron Kass
  12. Shlomo Yona
  13. Yuval Levy

I took a cab to the meeting and arrived early. I soon met Ran (who works there) and Shmuel. We talked about work, testing, life and stuff. It turns out Yuval Yaari and other people arrived even sooner, and were at the kitchen. Gabor also arrived carrying a box of T-shirts, and then went out to buy food. Then the meeting was supposed to start.

"Supposed" is the keyword here. First of all, Gabor needed to give people the T-shirts they ordered. Then we had trouble getting the display right with the projector. Eventually, we borrowed a laptop from Doron from F5 and Shmuel Fomberg was able to start his presentation.

Shmuel's talk about Perl/Tk was interesting. It didn't renew too much to me, but it was still fun, and sparked some interesting discussions. Then Gabor Szabo gave a talk about Perl 6, which from what I understood was a port of his Perl 5 course to Perl 6. Several things there sparked a lot of discussion, especially the junctions. For example, it turns out that in Perl 6 "if ((3|4) == 3) { ... }" will execute the condition, but so will "if ((3|4) != 3) { ... }". That's because the "|" means "any", and so it tests whether any of the operands is equal to 3 or whether any of them is not. Another interesting feature is the chained conditionals: "if (3 < 7 == 7 < 10 > 8)" will evaluate to true in Perl 6.

I left the meeting prematurely along with my ride (Shmuel), so I may have missed some more interesting stuff. The slides are online, however.

This review was written by Shlomi Fish.