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On 12 April, 2007, the Israeli Perl Mongers held their regular monthly meeting. The program:

Location: F5 Networks' offices at Ramat HaXayal in 24 HaBarzel St., Tel Aviv


  1. Shlomi Fish
  2. Shmuel Fomberg
  3. Uri Bruck
  4. Gabor Szabo
  5. Ran Eilam
  6. Thomas Mayer
  7. Yuval Yaari
  8. Shlomo Yona

There is no report yet, we are arguing with Yuval what will /foo|foobar/ match. In the meanwhile, you are free to download the slides from Shmuel Fomberg's presentation about Embedding Perl in C.

This review was written by Gabor Szabo and Shlomi Fish.