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On 11 September, 2007, the Israeli Perl Mongers held their regular monthly meeting. The program:

Location: F5 Networks' offices at Ramat HaXayal in 24 HaBarzel St., Tel Aviv


  1. Eden Unicorn
  2. Pinkhas Nisanov
  3. Thomas Maier
  4. Pavel Dolinin
  5. Zohar Kelrich
  6. Ran Eilam
  7. Uri Bruck
  8. Zohar Snir
  9. Boris Sukhalitko
  10. Shlomi Fish
  11. Yuval Yaari
  12. Yuval Kogman
  13. Micha Nasriachi
  14. Shmuel Fomberg

This time I arrived to the location by using a taxi-cab, because my usual ride had a short Milu'im that fell on the meeting date. I met other people there, and we spent some time waiting for Yuval Kogman (who gave the presentations) to come as he was sick and had to take a cab. But he did arrive at the end.

Then the logisitics started: Yuval forgot a DVI-to-VGA adaptor so he could not connect his Mac laptop to the screen. And Zohar (Kelrich) did not have one either. We also could not find a laptop, so we brought a desktop computer, connected it to the power, the screen and the Internet, and used it to browse the presentations from the Internet. This worked.

Yuval gave two presentations: one about Moose, and one about Object Meta-Programming. The Moose one was interesting and we also understood part of the Object Meta-Programming one. However, then Yuval started talking about "MO" and most of us only vaguely understood what he said.

We then went to the Irish pub (along with Yuval), and there discussed JavaScript, and many other things. I had to leave early, because of my ride.

This review was written by Shlomi Fish.