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On 17 July, 2003, the Israeli Perl Mongers held their regular monthly meeting. The program:



  1. Asaf Bartov
  2. Dror Bereznitsky
  3. Eli Marmor
  4. Gaal Yahas
  5. Gabor Szabo
  6. Guy Malachi
  7. Ido Trivizki
  8. Issac Goldstand
  9. Kfir Lavi
  10. Mikhael Goikhman
  11. Oded S. Resnik
  12. Offer Kaye
  13. Oleg Sverdlov
  14. Oron Peled
  15. Rami Addady
  16. Ran Eilam
  17. Ronen Kfir
  18. Scott Weisman
  19. Shay Berez
  20. Shemuel Vomberg
  21. Shlomi Fish
  22. Shlomo Yona
  23. Stas Bekman
  24. Yuli ...

Stas brought us a copy of his book and the printout that participants in his OSCON mod_perl 2.0 tutorial received. They are both very big.
In return we gave him a T-shirt and the proceedings of our conference. They were both rather thin.

While we were still waiting for more people to arrive we asked him about Australia where he lives now and I asked him how does he make a living from Perl. As it turns out for Ticketmaster mod_perl is such a critical tool that they are ready to finance him and let him develop mod_perl 2.0 so it will be ready faster and be better without putting any constraints on him, not even his location. That's very clever of them. I wish Israeli companies would also recognize that supporting open source development pays off for them as well as they will get more reliable tools faster. Even small things like supporting our conference helps a lot. (see which Israeli companies are clever)

Stas started slowly with showing installations and basic mod_perl handlers including Registry modules. Then he went through the stages of an HTTP request that arrives at an Apache server and goes through it and showed us examples for each step. Once he finished this he went into building filters and protocol handlers.

More you can get from his slides or by buying his book (see below).

As next month I won't be in Israel, Shlomo has taken it upon himself to organize the next meeting.
As he is also organizing the place for the next meeting, it will be in the University of Haifa in CRI, the same place where we had the conference in May.

This meeting summary was written by Gabor Szabo.