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The library of the Israeli Perl Mongers includes nearly 80 books, mostly about Perl, programming, and other computer related subjects. The books are available as a special service for our members, and can be borrowed, free of any charge, by coming to our meetings. Specifically:

  1. To order a book, check its availability in the list below.
  2. Contact our librarian, Thomas Maier, and request the book.
  3. Show up at the next meeting and pickup the book.
  4. Read the book and write a review (you can email the review as simple text, or intersepted with simple HTML formatting tags, e.g. <b>bold text</b>, if you want).
    While this is not compulsory, it would be highly appriciated, as these reviews are one of the major motivations for our sponsors to continue donating books to our library.
  5. Return the book by coming to a meeting and returning the book to the librarian.
  6. If you want a book but it is currently held by another user, contact the librarian so that he can add you to the waiting list for that book.

List of Sponsors

The following have kindly donated books to's library. We would like to extend our warmest thanks, on behalf of all our members, for their generosity and service to the community.

List of books

In the following table, click on a heading to sort the table by that heading. Click on a book's name to go to that book's page, where you can find additional information and reviews.

NumberNameISBNPublisherCurrent User
1 Agile and Iterative Development: A Manager's Guide 0131111558 Addison-Wesley
2 Apache: The Definitive Guide 0596002033 O'Reilly Gabor Szabo
3 Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics 0596000804 O'Reilly
4 C Language Guide (Hebrew) Unknown Focus
5 CGI Programming with Perl 1565924193 O'Reilly
6 Computer Algorithms - Introduction to Design & Analysis 0201612445 Addison-Wesley
7 Computer Science and Perl Programming: Best of TPJ 0596003102 O'Reilly Mikhael Goikhman
8 Data Munging with Perl 1930110006 Manning
9 Database Nation 1565926536 O'Reilly
10 Design Concepts with Code: An Approach for Developers 1590591119 Apress
11 Design Patterns 0201633612 Addison-Wesley Oleg Sverdlov
12 Doing Web Development: Client-Side Techniques 1893115879 Apress Offer Kaye
13 Effective Perl Programming 0201419750 Addison-Wesley
14 Elements of Programming with Perl 1884777805 Manning Yehuda Zadik
15 Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason 0596002254 O'Reilly Shlomo Yona
16 Extending and Embedding Perl 1930110820 Manning Jason Friedman
17 Free as in Freedom - Richard Stallman's Crusade for Free Software 0596002874 O'Reilly Yaron Golan
18 Games Diversions & Perl Culture: Best of TPJ 0596003129 O'Reilly
19 Graphics Programming with Perl 1930110022 Manning Roman Parparov
20 HTML Programmer's Reference 0072132329 McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
21 Herding Cats: A Primer for Programmers Who Lead Programmers 1590590171 Apress
22 Higher Order Perl 1558607013 Morgan Kaufmann
23 Instant CGI/Perl 0072133872 McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
24 Internet Site Security 0672323060 Addison-Wesley Gabor Szabo
25 Introduction to Parallel Computing 0201648652 Pearson
26 Java in a Nutshell 156592262X O'Reilly
27 Learning Perl 0596001320 O'Reilly
28 Linux & Unix Programming Tools 0201773457 Addison-Wesley
29 Linux Device Drivers 1565922921 O'Reilly
30 Linux in Small Business: A Practical User's Guide 1893115461 Apress
31 Mac OS X for Unix Geeks 0596003560 O'Reilly
32 Mac OS X: The Missing Manual 0596004508 O'Reilly
33 Managing IMAP 059600012X O'Reilly
34 Mastering Algorithms with Perl 1565923987 O'Reilly
35 Mastering Perl/Tk 1565927168 O'Reilly Offer Kaye
36 Mastering Regular Expressions 0596002890 O'Reilly Gabor Szabo
37 Mathematics for New Technologies 0201771373 Addison-Wesley Pinkhas Nisanov
38 Network Programming with Perl 0201615711 Addison-Wesley
39 Object Oriented Perl 1884777791 Manning Izitk Lerner
40 Open Source Web Development with LAMP 020177061X Addison-Wesley
41 Oracle PL/SQL Programming 0596003811 O'Reilly
42 Oracle SQL*Plus (Pocket Reference) 0596004419 Manning
43 Perl & LWP 0596001789 O'Reilly Sagiv Barhoom
44 Perl & XML 059600205X O'Reilly Offer Kaye
45 Perl Graphics Programming 059600219X O'Reilly
46 Perl by Example 0130282510 Prentice Hall
47 Perl for C Programmers 073571228X New Riders Shany Pozin
48 Perl for Oracle DBAs 0596002106 O'Reilly
49 Perl for System Administrators 1565926099 O'Reilly
50 Perl: The Complete Reference 0072129506 McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
51 Planning Extreme Programming 0201710919 Addison-Wesley
52 PostgreSQL Essential Reference 0735711216 New Riders
53 Practical mod_perl 0596002270 O'Reilly
54 Programming ColdFusion MX 0596003803 O'Reilly
55 Programming Perl 0596000278 O'Reilly
56 Programming Perl in the .NET Environment 0130652067 Prentice Hall
57 Programming Web Services with Perl 0596002068 O'Reilly David Baird
58 Programming Web Services with SOAP 0596000952 O'Reilly
59 Programming Web Services with XML-RPC 0596001193 O'Reilly
60 Programming the Perl DBI 1565926994 O'Reilly
61 Red Hat Linux 8: The Complete Reference DVD Edition 0072226463 McGraw-Hill Osborne Media Gabor Szabo
62 Refactoring - Improving The Design of Existing Code 0201485672 Addison-Wesley
63 Running Weblogs with Slash 0596001002 O'Reilly
64 Software Craftsmanship: The New Imperative 0201733862 Addison-Wesley Pinkhas Nisanov
65 Sys Admin, the journal for Unix system administrators Unknown CMP
66 The Career Programmer: Guerilla Tactics for an Imperfect World 1590590082 Apress Shlomo Yona
67 The Practice of Programming 020161586X Addison-Wesley
68 Troubleshooting Your PC (Hebrew) Unknown Focus
69 UML Distilled Second Edition 020165783X Addison-Wesley
70 Upgrading PCs - Ilustrated (Hebrew) Unknown Focus
71 User Friendly the comic strip 1565926730 O'Reilly Sefy Twito
72 Using Samba 1565924495 O'Reilly
73 Voice Enabling Web Applications 1893115739 Apress
74 Web Development with Apache and Perl 1930110065 Manning Gabor Szabo
75 Win32 Perl Programming 157870216X New Riders
76 Windows NT in a Nutshell 1565922514 O'Reilly
77 Windows Scripting Solutions - Magazines Unknown Penton
78 Writing CGI Applications with Perl 0201710145 Addison-Wesley
79 Writing Perl Modules for CPAN 159059018X Apress
80 XML Language Mechanics & Applications 0201771683 Addison-Wesley
81 Zope Web Application Development and Content Management 0735711100 New Riders
82 mod_perl Tutorial Unknown O'Reilly Hezi Golan